4 students shot outside Atlanta high school

Gunfire erupted on Wednesday outside Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta, leaving four students injured as they left the premises, according to the school district. The incident took place in the lower campus parking lot after the school’s dismissal. Fortunately, the injuries sustained by the students were deemed non-life-threatening, as reported by Atlanta Public Schools.

Upon receiving the distressing news, the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department and Atlanta Fire Rescue promptly intervened, ensuring the injured students were swiftly transported to the hospital. Thankfully, no other individuals on the school grounds, including students, faculty, or staff, were harmed during the incident, as stated in the district’s official communication.

In response to the shooting, all scheduled events at the school were canceled, and a thorough investigation is currently underway, with the school district’s police department taking the lead. The district emphasized its commitment to the safety and security of students and staff, prioritizing their well-being.

Despite the gravity of the situation, authorities have not released details about the vehicle used in the shooting at this time. This incident follows a previous shooting near the school campus in May, where a 16-year-old lost their life during an unauthorized gathering at approximately 2:30 a.m., a time when the school was not in session.