Abu Dhabi


New York

Tuesday 20th March 2018

About Us

7DNews is an English language website aiming to engage audiences around the world through original features, video and news content. Based in London, 7DNews is editorially committed to an impartial and independent approach to news coverage.

7DNews will include a host of innovative content.

News and features

Providing regional Arab news as well as coverage from the US, Europe and Asia.

A special “behind the news” feature focusing on topical subjects including sectarianism, education in the Arab world, refugees and immigration and women’s rights amongst others.

Feature stories and video, focused on areas of interest to a global audience, highlighting issues in Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

Keeping abreast with key international meetings taking place in Europe, the US and Asia.


Interviews with key politicians, political and economic experts.

Cultural interviews probing and covering in-depth influential Arab and international thinkers and writers.

Biographies and video interviews with top politicians and influencers from around the world.


Commentaries, editorials and opinion pieces on developments across local and international issues.

Podcasts: regular podcasts from the editor and other commentators on issues of the day.

Principles and core values

We stand strong on our principles and core values:

Integrity - Making sure the complete story is available to the reader

Independence - Not influenced by states or corporate companies

Impartiality - Not biased; ensuring that all sides of an argument or debate are represented