Applying off-ice mechanisms toward adversity has Vegas goalie Adin Hill prepared for home stretch

In LAS VEGAS, Golden Knights goaltender Adin Hill has drawn valuable lessons from his youth hockey days, emphasizing the importance of breathing and patience. Dealing with an injury late in the previous season, these learned skills played a pivotal role in his resurgence as the team’s top goaltender, ultimately contributing to their Stanley Cup triumph.

Once again grappling with injuries, Hill has seamlessly reintegrated into the lineup, displaying a 4-1 record with a .932 save percentage and a 2.22 goals-against average since his return on Jan. 23. Reflecting on his teenage years, Hill stresses the significance of proper breathing techniques, enhancing focus and eliminating distractions both on and off the ice.

His resilience is evident in his commitment to patience, diligent rehab, and daily progress. Despite challenges, Hill maintains a fresh attitude, crediting the positive atmosphere within the team’s locker room for uplifting spirits.

Despite limited playing time each season with Vegas, Hill’s impact as the goaltender has been significant. Coach Bruce Cassidy acknowledges the influence of having Hill in the net, creating a calming effect on the skaters. Over the past two seasons, Hill ranks second in the NHL for goals-against average (2.28) and save percentage (.923) among goaltenders with a minimum of 45 starts.

Hill’s consistent performance positions him as the franchise’s top netminder since joining the league in 2017. Teammates admire his dedication, citing his instrumental role in last year’s championship run as a testament to his work ethic.

Physically fit and mentally strong, Hill is determined to strengthen his game further for the upcoming postseason. Describing his ideal game as having a touch of swagger, he aims to instill confidence in his team, fostering a collective belief that translates to success on the ice. As the team heads towards the playoffs, Hill is confident in their trajectory, emphasizing the importance of self-assurance and teamwork in achieving success.