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AU, UN Join Hands to Hold Inclusive Reconciliation Conference in Libya


Muluneh Gebre - 7Dnews Addis Ababa

Mon, 11 Feb 2019 19:34 GMT

The African Union and United Nations are set to hold an inclusive reconciliation conference in which all participants of the conflict in Libya will participate, the AU’s senior official has said.

Briefing journalists on the sidelines of the 32nd AU ordinary summit in Addis Ababa, Peace and Security Commissioner of the African Union Ismael Chergui said the AU and UN have agreed to cooperate on convening a national reconciliation conference in Libya. The date is yet to be announced, he added.

"The Libyan people have suffered enough," he said, adding that it was armed groups, militias and external interference that further complicated an already worsening situation.

According to the Commissioner, the impact of terrorism in Libya has had a wider impact on neighbouring countries and he mentioned a case in point of a terrorist attack in northern Chad perpetrated by militant groups from southern Libya.

“Today there is a total agreement between the AU and the UN to work hand in hand to hold an inclusive reconciliation conference where all stakeholders in the conflict will take part with an election to be organised by Libyan authorities.”
He said Libya’s suffering is not because the people of Libya are divided but is due to armed forces and external interference, although he did not mention the names of any foreign groups.

“There are clear indications that it is high time the international community supported the joint move of the AU and UN plan in order to help the Libyan people address their problem by themselves,” he added.

Chergui said there would be a signed agreement between the AU and the UN on holding the reconciliation inclusive conference in Libya at the end of the AU’s 32nd ordinary session, which is set to end late Monday February 11th.

“We need also understanding from the international community that we speak the same language and all unnecessary interference should be stopped,” the commissioner added.