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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Between Khashoggi’s Liberalism… and Media’s Sadism


Dr. Ali Al-Jabiri

Thu, 18 Oct 2018 16:23 GMT

Arab and global media have the right to search for the truth, and defend the freedom of press and the safety of journalists all over the world without prejudice. But it is not humanitarian nor professional to practice terrible and horrifying means using their death or disappearance as we have seen in the case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  

Known media sources were involved in massive amounts of inaccurate leaks, known for their “hidden agendas”, and that in its own right is catastrophic. On the surface, it shows its concern over safety of journalists and press freedom, but underneath, it reveals an ugly news backstage in these channels and papers. As we have noticed the joy of describing the alleged murder without any care for the feelings of his family, whom still await the official investigation results.

Imagine that you are listening to Al-Jazeera’s news bulletin as it describes how your father or brother’s body being dismembered horrifically, followed by describing the killers as they enjoyed music while dismembering the victim’s corpse, and so on of such horrific statements formed with poisonous sentences.

Most of the western media laws do not allow publishing images of killing and blood in respect of human dignity and the feelings of people who might be reading or watching the event. But in Khashoggi’s case, some media enjoyed describing the alleged crime scene in such a surprising way that the alleged and assumed recordings cannot describe as much as these writes, who made a horror movie Hollywood scenario revealing a sadistic tendency of its writer.

On the other hand, the same media exhausted promoting Khashoggi as a liberal Saudi writer, seeking to spread democracy in Arab states. I was appalled to look at an old tweet for him mourning the most dangerous terrorist ever lived, Osama Bin Laden, after his death! Khashoggi wrote at the time “I collapsed in tears Abu Abdullah (one of Bin Laden’s nicknames), you were beautiful and brave in those beautiful days in Afghanistan, before you have given up for lust and anger.”

This is to reaffirm that the man was known to be an “Islamist” close to Bin Laden and met him in Afghanistan and other parts of the world when the entire globe was looking for him. He was also close to the Muslim Brotherhood organization and other organizations that uphold extremist slogans rejected by the free democratic world. This makes me want to pose questions to the western media whom is mistaken, by fault or by intention, when they call the disappearing journalist a “liberal journalist.”

It is our duty as journalists to seek the full truth, not to take parts of it to push our political directions, therefore it is reasonable to say that demanding the truth on what actually happened to Khashoggi does not give the pass of forgiveness to the man. Transforming him from an “Islamist” writer close to terrorist organizations to a “liberal” writer who supports freedoms around the world.

It is enough to mention that those who are in pain because of Khashoggi (or those who pretend to be) are not so different from those who fell victims to Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood who committed terrorist crimes unprecedented to the entire world, while Khashoggi was supporting them.

Personally, I do not like killing, and I absolutely reject it without discrimination or preference to this blood or that, and we must search for the truth to know the culprit far from the leak pushers, whom clearly seek to “settle their score” with Saudi Arabia as a state. As for the Arab media, settling the score with Trump regarding the American media harmonizing with Aljazeera and Turkish Sabah. Especially that the first to publish such leaks in the US media were press known for their anti-Trump rhetoric since the start of his presidency, and far from turning the disappearing journalist from an “Islamist” writer to a “Liberal” writer to gain western sympathy for him.

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