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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Visits Ethiopian Satellite in China

Science & Technology

Michael Melkamu - 7Dnews Addis Ababa

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 16:45 GMT

Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed on a visit to China, has seen the Ethiopian-made satellite ETRSS-1, which will be launched with the help of China in December this year.

The prime minister, who arrived in China on Tuesday April 23rd, to take part in Beijing’s second "Belt and Road" global infrastructure initiative for international cooperation, discussed the progress of the Ethiopian satellite in China.

The Ethiopian space science and technology institute, participating in the satellite assembly, plans to launch its first satellite from China next September, whilst the command and control station will be in Ethiopia.

According to the innovation and technology ministry, the satellite will be of benefit to agricultural planning, water, climate change and environmental protection, and with weather forecasting to the horn of Africa, which earns $88.8m annually.

In addition, Ethiopia is not in a position to launch the satellite from Addis Ababa because of lack of technology and trained manpower in the field, so it was decided to launch it from China.

"After the first satellite enters its orbit, Ethiopia will be able to design, construct and launch its second satellite independently," the ministry said.

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