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Tue, 12 Nov 2019 10:15 GMT

Turkey's Attack Could Trigger New Wave of Terrorism

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Roberto Tumbarello

Tue, 15 Oct 2019 23:25 GMT

"It is incredible that the world is watching as Turkey takes the initiative to attack Kurdish troops who not only have the merit of having defeated Isis in their territories, but they have thousands of prisoners who could go back to freedom and revive terrorism ".  

This was the outburst of Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte, 51, during the meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, 60, from Norway, who is visiting Rome on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Atlantic Alliance which will be solemnly celebrated in London in December. No one intervenes. The great powers are watching. Even Europe, which would be the first to suffer the consequences of a resurgence of terrorism.  

Against the Isis outposts the democratic society sent the Kurdish army that succeeded in destroying Baghuz, the last terrorist stronghold. There are ten thousand prisoners who would escape if the Kurdish army were routed by the Turks who consider them terrorists.  

Faced with unanimous protests, president Erdoğan raises the tone by saying that, if someone were to obstruct his plans to destroy Kurdish terrorism, he would give back to Europe the three and a half million refugees that the country holds. In fact, Europe made a wicked pact with Turkey without foreseeing the blackmail that the Turkish President threatens today.  

When the poor people began to escape from the territories in war, especially from Syria, the EU proposed to president Erdoğan to host the refugees fleeing in exchange for a reward of three billion a year. Today, Turkey does not just blackmail, but also wants a billion more because the number of refugees has increased considerably.  

From news reported by the intelligence of several countries, it seems that Erdoğan's project is to free the Kurdish territory in Iraq to transfer the refugees who are now in Turkey.  

Europe is not worried about blackmail - it is impossible to transfer that mass of people, the elderly, women and children - as much as the dispersal of Isis terrorists if the Kurdish army were defeated by the Turkish army. Mr Conte and Mr Stoltenberg also discussed the strange behavior of a country that adheres to NATO, but acquires the anti-missile defense apparatus from Russia.  

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte expressed to Mister Stoltenberg his great concern not only for the Kurdish question, that we should thank for neutralizing Isis and, instead, they are persecuted, as if they were more dangerous than the terrorists themselves. In the bombing of the first day there were 15 victims, including some civilians, probably women and children who are the most fragile beings.  

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