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Tuesday 20th March 2018

3 French Nationals Arrested in Morocco for Isis Links


7Dnews London

Tue, 12 Feb 2019 21:30 GMT

Moroccan authorities arrested three French nationals suspected of links to Isis for their alleged involvement in "financing terrorism", AFP reported.

The General Directorate of National Security said in a statement issued on Tuesday, February 12th, that the three were arrested on Monday, in Sale near the capital Rabat. One of the suspects is of Algerian origin.

The statement added that the investigations have shown that the suspects have "succeeded in forging close ties with active fighters" within Isis in Syria and Iraq.

“They are charged with fundraising for extremist circles to finance terrorist operations," it said, adding that investigations were continuing with a view to finding possible accomplices.

In December, the North African kingdom, which relies heavily on tourism, was shaken by the grisly murders of two Scandinavian hikers by suspected jihadists in the High Atlas Mountains.

In 2011, a bomb blast at a cafe in Marrakesh's famed Jamaa El Fna Square killed 17 people, mostly European tourists. An attack in Casablanca killed 33 people in 2003. In addition, Jihadists of Moroccan origin have also been involved in numerous attacks abroad in recent years in France, Belgium and Spain.

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