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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Amnesty International: 37 Demonstrators Killed During Protests in Sudan


7Dnews London

Tue, 25 Dec 2018 16:44 GMT

Amnesty International reported that 37 demonstrators were shot dead by Sudanese security forces during five days of protests over the cost of living.

The angry protests in several Sudanese cities began on December 19 following the government's decision to triple the price of bread in a country suffering from economic stagnation.

At least eight people were killed in the demonstrations, six in eastern El-Gadarif and two in Atbara in the east also during clashes with riot police, officials and witnesses said. But other sources have spoken of a larger toll.

The leader of the main Umma party, Sadiq al-Mahdi, estimated the number was up to 22 and denounced the "military repression" of the demonstrations.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, Amnesty International reported that "37 demonstrators were shot dead by security forces during five days of anti-government protests."

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