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Arab Coalition Says Separatists Started Withdrawal in Aden: SPA


7Dnews London

Sat, 17 Aug 2019 05:27 GMT

The Arab Coalition in Yemen headed by Saudi Arabia said on Saturday morning August 17th that the troops of the Southern Transitional Council and the Security Belt forces started to withdraw and return to its original positions in Aden, Saudi Press Agency reported.

This comes in response to an earlier call from the coalition, SPA cited the coalition as saying.

The Southern Transitional Council troops withdrew from Aden Hospital and the Central Bank of Yemen, sources told Saudi Al-Arabiya.

The command of the joint forces of the Arab Coalition, in a statement, hailed the Southern Transitional Council's positive response to the call of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates urging parties to commit to an immediate ceasefire and to prioritize wisdom and the interests of the Yemeni people, and not to harm public or private property.

The statement said that the troops of the Transitional Council have hand over the reins of the Yemeni government headquarters, under the supervision of the coalition.

The command called for continuing committing to self-restraint and stopping the aggressive media speech. It also urged parties to resort to dialogue, reconciliation and unification of efforts at this stage.

The command affirmed the need to stand together to end the Houthi coup and the Iranian regime's destructive project in Yemen, urging parties not to give the opportunity for the scheme of terrorist organizations including Iran-backed Houthis, Al-Qaeda and Isis, who want to harm the Yemeni country and people, to be implemented.

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