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Sat, 07 Dec 2019 03:57 GMT

Bad Weather Strains Europe: Tornado and Storms Cause Injuries


7Dnews London

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 07:49 GMT

Extreme weather conditions continue to cause problems in European countries. A rare tornado injured 19 people, two of them severely, in Luxembourg, while 15 soccer players were injured by a lightning strike in southern Germany after unseasonal storms hit northern Europe late on Friday, August 9th.

Only shortly after the continent found relief from a record-breaking heatwave, many countries were facing severe storms this weekend. The tornado in the southwestern Luxembourg communities of Pettingen and Kaerjeng left a path of destruction that made up to 100 homes uninhabitable, local media reported on Saturday. Debris and damaged cars were left strewn around the area, while at least four power poles were destroyed.

"Architects are going to come and survey the damage. Meanwhile, we will coordinate to cover the roofs," AP quoted Paul Schroeder, director general of Luxembourg's fire and rescue service. The Luxembourg French-language newspaper L'Essentiel reported Schroeder had given that update to residents.

Over in eastern France, the tornado did not hit quite to the same extent, but still caused the ruin of dozens of roofs and damaged cars in the communities of Longwy and Herserange.

Tornadoes are highly unusual in Europe, but Amsterdam experienced one on Friday night, while in southern Germany, lightning struck a soccer field, where 15 players were training. Fortunately, they were only injured slightly.

Due to the weather conditions, Police also had to evacuate an open-air concert in Rothenburg and strong winds made a circus tent collapse in Neckarsulm. Many more events had to be cancelled in Britain over the weekend, after severe weather warnings were issued.