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Berlin Zoo Proudly Shows off Polar Bear Cub


7Dnews London

Sat, 16 Mar 2019 09:57 GMT

Polar bear Tonja showed off her cute cub for the first time at the Berlin's Tierpark zoo on Friday, March 15th, as she took the little polar bear out for a walk and a swim outdoors.

Tonja watched her offspring closely as the female cub took its first steps out of its cave and into the outdoor enclosure, climbing up and down easily and even proving its natural swimming skills, as reported by Reuters. 

The polar bear cub was born on December 1st, 2018 and is particularly special for the zoo, as the mother Tonja had previously lost two babies. 

But Tonja is doing her job as a mother brilliantly, said Florian Sicks, polar bear curator at the Tierpark, who proudly watched the first public outing of mother and daughter. 

From now on the polar bear cub will be out and about daily at the zoo, so that the visitors have a good chance to watch it frolic around the enclosure and play with its mother. Some patience might be needed at times as the young polar bear still needs some rest, explained Sicks. 

At the moment the little baby polar bear is still unnamed, as the zoo is looking for a godparent for the cub, but Sicks promised the name of the zoo's new little star should be revealed by April. 

The last star-polar bear in Berlin was Knut, who was famously and publicly hand-reared by a zookeeper after his mother rejected him as a new-born. Thousands of visitors queued for hours to watch him frolic in his enclosure, and he inspired a dizzying array of merchandise, but he died young in 2011. The German capital has a history with bears, as the bear is the symbol of Berlin.

Polar bears are increasingly endangered as climate change has melted more of their frozen northern habitat.