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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Bernie Sanders Relaunches 'Medicare for All' Amid 2020 Build-Up


7Dnews London - AP

Wed, 10 Apr 2019 18:21 GMT

Senator Bernie Sanders, known for his ideas on social change and healthcare solutions, will unveil a new version of his “Medicare for All”, on Wednesday, April 10th, overshadowing the Obama care programme, which has been fiercely opposed by President Trump, AP has reported.

"Of course, our Number 1 goal should be to make sure we keep in place those protections, so people don't get kicked off their insurance," Sen Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who is not signed onto Sanders' bill, told reporters on Tuesday.

"Then we also have to see the Affordable Care Act as a beginning and not an end."

Under Medicare for All, Americans would no longer pay premiums or face insurance deductibles. The government-run system would replace private health insurance offered through employers, the mainstay of coverage for more than 160 million Americans.

However, big tax increases would be needed to finance such a system. The transition is likely to be complicated, and would entail dismantling the private health insurance industry and making major changes for hospitals, doctors, drug companies and other medical providers.

"So-called 'Medicare for All' means private insurance for none, kicking 180 million Americans off of their current plans," said Kayleigh McEnany, spokeswoman for Trump's re-election campaign. "'Medicare for all' is a euphemism for government takeover of healthcare, and it would increase wait times, eliminate choice, and raise taxes."

McEnany touted Trump's "free market policies" as a better alternative.

The Trump administration is currently pursuing the eradication of Obama’s Affordable Care Act through the courts, deeming it as very costly for the government, and has said it would take up the issue of future healthcare after next year’s election.

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