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Tue, 10 Dec 2019 02:59 GMT

Bolton Highlights US Support for UK Over ‘No-Deal’ Brexit


7Dnews London

Mon, 12 Aug 2019 19:52 GMT

US national security adviser John Bolton has expressed the US intention to support the British government decision on Brexit, citing that the US will stand behind the no-deal Brexit if that is what Britain decides to do, Reuters reported on Monday August 12th.

Despite the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s efforts to get the EU agreeing on the issues he has raised, empahasising the renegotiation of certain terms ahead of an October 31st exit date, the EU has firmly expressed that there will be no alteration to the part of the deal raised by Johnson, who has stressed that it must be changed.

The impasse leaves Britain facing an exit without any formal transition period or legal agreement covering issues such as trade, data and border policy.

Bolton stressed also that the US is welcoming any trade talks with their British counterparts, adding that both Britain and the United States could agree on trade deals, on a sector-by-sector basis, leaving more difficult areas in the trading relationship until later, as well as, further confirming the US support for the British government.

He later said that the ultimate aim has always been to forge a comprehensive trade deal, highlighting that financial services could be one of the more difficult industries to reach an agreement on.

He added that an independent UK will definitely lead to a stronger role in Nato, and that the UK will be far from “crashing” after severing all economic relations with the EU. He said that the country would fall under the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, according to Reuters.

This comes after the arrival of US national security adviser John Bolton in the UK, on Sunday August 12th, for a two-day talk with the new British government about more closely aligning the countries’ interests on global challenges, including Brexit, a rising China and tensions with Iran.