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Brazil's Bolsonaro to Undergo Surgery Sunday

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7Dnews London

Sun, 08 Sep 2019 10:25 GMT

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is due to undergo hernia surgery in Sao Paulo on Sunday, September 8th, his surgeon said.

The president arrived at Vila Nova Star Hospital Saturday night, September 7th, together with his wife Michelle, and his son Carlos, AFP has reported.

The operation is the fourth since Bolsonaro was stabbed a year ago during the presidential campaign in Minas Gerais, and doctors said at the time he had suffered a deep and life-threatening wound in his stomach, and lost 40% of his blood. The man who stabbed Bolsonario was acquitted, after a judge ruled that he was mentally ill.

His surgeon, Antonio Luiz Macedo, in a statement to G1 news portal, said "the president has already gone through three large surgeries, including the last one, for abdominal reconstruction, and the region was quite weakened by invasive actions. 

"It is a simple to moderate level surgery. No complications are expected," the surgeon added.

The right-wing leader has had to miss a summit of leaders from seven Amazon nations in Colombia to agree measures to protect the world's biggest rainforest.

President Bolsonaro has been criticised for his policies that favour deforestation and for his delayed reaction to the wildfires that have burned swathes of the Amazon.

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