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Thu, 14 Nov 2019 22:18 GMT

BREAKING: KSA Calls for Emergency OIC Meeting over Netanyahu’s Announcement


7Dnews London

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 23:22 GMT

Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday, September 11th in a royal decree its strong rejection and condemnation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s intention to annex a large swathe of the occupied West Bank if he wins the next Israeli elections, reported Saudi News Agency.

The Saudi royal decree stated that Netanyahu’s declaration is a serious escalation against the Palestinian people and a violation against the United Nations charter and International law principles, adding that the Israeli premier’s announcement would undermine any future efforts to realise fair and sustainable peace, which is tied to the return of occupied Palestinian lands. 

The Saudi decree urged international bodies and institutions to condemn Netanyahu’s announcement as an illegal action. 

The current crises in the Arab and Islamic states would not affect the importance of the Palestinian cause among the Arab world, the decree added. 

The kingdom also called for an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) foreign ministers to discuss the move. 

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