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Wed, 22 Jan 2020 13:34 GMT

Brexit - Implications on Western Civilisation


Dr Nasr Arif

Mon, 07 Oct 2019 20:14 GMT

Those who truly understand western culture know British aristocrats think and plan for centuries ahead, not the coming years or decades. So when the queen and her ruling class lean towards one line of thinking or decision, their point of view must be considered with long term consequences in mind.  

Britain was the first maker of western civilisation and the first state to engineer the world we live in today, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany merely contributed assistance. The philosophy, literature, culture, and arts of western development are, in essence, the making of Anglo-Saxons, with Britain at the heart of it. The world of today, manufactured by the west, was conceived by Britain. In the context of advancement, Britain also includes North America and Australia, through which its civilisation extends.  

In February of 2017, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during a speech at the annual Munich Security Conference, said through an interpreter: "Responsible leaders should make a choice; I hope that the choice will be done in favour of creating a democratic and just world order, if you want, you can call it a post-West world order.” 

Global GDP numbers demonstrate that this post-West system is upon us.

China will be the world’s biggest economy in 2050 with a $58 trillion GDP followed by India with $44 trillion, the United States with $34 trillion, Indonesia with $10 trillion, Brazil and Russia with $7 trillion, Mexico, Japan, and Germany with $6 trillion, Britain with $5 trillion, and finally France, KSA, Nigeria, and Egypt. Among the top 10 strongest economies that make up $183 trillion, there will be 7 non-western countries, with GDPs amounting to $138 trillion, and just three western nations with GDPs totalling $45 trillion. This means western countries will not constitute more than a quarter of the world’s biggest economies. The number of white people who represent western civilisation also shrank from 28% of the world’s population in 1916 to 18% in 2016.  

British aristocrats realised Europe is at the brink of frightening economic problems as a result of the burdens brought by Eastern European countries when they entered the EU and the declining numbers of white people in comparison to migrants from Northern Africa and the East in general.  

Europe will inevitably cease to be the heart of western civilisation to become a washed-out globalisation under constant problems and crises.

British aristocrats, seeking to protect the threatened western civilisation against the encroaching Chinese and Indian economies and the rising population of the Islamic world, are reuniting the chambers at the heart of Anglo-Saxons again. The new alliance aims at bringing balance to the world, strategically standing up to China and Russia and dealing with the rising populations of the Islamic world, Africa, and South America. 

Through Brexit, Britain is abandoning a Europe deep in crises with an increasingly unclear future while initiating a new phase in western development where countries [run by Anglo-Saxons, for example the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand], form one united economic and strategic power that will pump new blood into western advancement to keep it alive and in the lead for another century.  

So, what are the showdowns playing out in international politics right now? A fierce clash between the US and China, a violent standoff between the US and Britain on one side and Russia on the other, and the debate over migration in the US, Australia and New Zealand. In the US, migration is a matter of national security for President Donald Trump and an ideological concern for white supremacists.  

Brexit is not driven by economic gains and losses, but a far-reaching decision to maintain the essence of western civilisation and rejuvenate to remain at the forefront of the world. Brexit is inevitable and unavoidable, so major political changes cannot be comprehended without taking it into account.  

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