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Thu, 21 Nov 2019 00:04 GMT

British Isis Teen's Baby Son Dies in Refugee Camp in Syria


7Dnews London

Sat, 09 Mar 2019 11:02 GMT

The baby son of Shamima Begum, the British-born teenager who left London in 2015 to join terrorist group Isis, has died in Syria, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said Friday March 8th.

Begum, 19, who was stripped of her citizenship by the British government last month, despite her wish to return, gave birth last month in a refugee camp in northeastern Syria, according to AFP.  

The baby died of pneumonia, according to a medical certificate, he was less than three weeks old, the BBC reported Friday March 8th. 

Begum had previously given birth to two other children who are said to have died, apparently from illness and malnutrition. 

SDF spokesman Mustefa Bali confirmed the death Friday March 8th, but declined to specify how or when it happened. He had previously denied the baby had died in a Twitter post that has since been deleted.

Her husband, Dutch Isis fighter Yago Riedijk, is being held at a nearby prison, and has been informed of the baby's death.  

It was reported by the BBC that Begum has since returned to the camp and that her child was buried there yesterday, Friday March 8th.

Her case has highlighted a dilemma facing many European countries, divided over whether to allow extremists and Isis sympathisers home to face prosecution, or bar them from entry as the extremists' "caliphate" crumbles.  

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