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Cameroon Military Clashes with Separatists, Seven Killed


7Dnews London

Wed, 19 Dec 2018 21:40 GMT

Seven suspected separatist rebels have been killed following a clash with Cameroon’s military. The incident occurred in Bamenda, which is located in Cameroon’s north-west region.

While no government soldiers were killed during the December 17th clash, four soldiers were rushed to hospital. The region's army commander, General Agha Robinson, said the military is struggling to combat the rebels because they hide among the civilian population.

The fighting in Cameroon's restive region erupted just days after President Paul Biya freed 289 suspected separatists, many of whom later urged the government to release their leaders who remain in jail.

"We are urging the fighters to drop their guns," said Deben Tchoffo, the governor of the region. He said the release of the suspected terrorists should be taken as an indication that Biya "wanted peace to return" and pledged to "take care of them and reintegrate them socially and economically."

According to AP, Cameroon's English-speaking separatists have been protesting since 2016 against what they claim is discrimination by the French-speaking majority.