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Canadian Charged with Terror Offenses Over Isis Affiliation

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7Dnews London

Sat, 07 Dec 2019 08:30 GMT

A Canadian court on Friday, December 6th sentenced a man who was arrested in Turkey near its border with Syria to ten years in prison for terrorism offences after propaganda videos from the extremist group Isis were seen on his cell phone.

Ikar Mao, 22, is accused of involvement in the activities of a terrorist group and faces a separate charge of departing Canada to do so. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison, AFP reported.

The Ontario convict was arrested in July, along with his wife, and the couple were eventually repatriated. However, both denied wanting to join the Isis group, claiming they only wanted to live in a mainly Muslim country.

A Turkish court looked into evidence about the Isis materials discovered in Mao's phone and that the couple had left a letter for their families saying they planned to join Isis, according to public broadcaster CBC.

In October, the newlyweds returned to Canada after three months in Turkish custody.

By order of the federal police at that time, Mao agreed to electronic monitoring, a curfew, and curbs on his internet access.

The new charges against him were lodged by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, according to CBC.

Out of 60 returnees, four other Canadians have been prosecuted for leaving or attempting to leave the country to join Isis, according to the latest government data. Another 190 are estimated to be overseas engaged in extremist activity, said the 2018 threat report. Half of them are in Syria, Turkey, or Iraq.

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