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Cardi B Stuns in Thierry Mugler at the Grammys

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Hannah Bardsley - 7DNews London

Tue, 12 Feb 2019 18:16 GMT

Like the Oscars, the Grammys are not entirely about the awards. It is the fashion and glamour, as well as the prizes, that glean public interest.

Perhaps even more so than the Oscars. At the Academy Awards, the actors and film professionals of the world try to look stylish and stunning, but they are pre-occupied with capturing a sense of refinement rather than fun. It’s a black-tie event, and the dress code is generally adhered to. 

The Grammys are black tie too, but there is something about the temperament of musicians that goes against the grain of conformity, Cher’s 1986 Bob Mackie Oscars gown being a case in point.  

And with that, it is time to discuss the stylistic explorations of hip-hop artist Cardi B.  

Extravagant, opulent and impractical are the key elements of the four different pieces that the Bronx native wore during the events. All were archival pieces of haute couture created by Thierry Mugler between 1995 and 1997. All are considered pieces of art in their own right. 

Though just over 20 years old in their design, the creations have a distinctly 1950s feel to them. They are performance pieces, not something for an award ceremony but something that Marilyn Monroe could have very easily adorned for her Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend number. 

Cardi B’s first outfit of the night was a 1995 gown, inspired by Botticelli’s 1480s painting The Birth of Venus. A black fish tail gown that fans out at the waist in a blush pink, while a nude top reflects light, and pearls adorn the artist’s hair and neck. The clam affect is obvious and stunning, though it has caused divided opinions in social media posts. Is it just too strange?  

Following the Grecian theme, rather than the ocean feel, the artist’s acceptance dress was a white corseted, crepe shawl dress which was dripping in fringe and paired with white gloves -- also trailing fringe. Perhaps a subtler gown. One that would not detract from the moment of her win, Best Rap Album. 

For her performance and at the end of the ceremony, the Bodak Yellow singer went for darker, but no less extravagant, pieces. A rhinestone embellished body suit, with an accompanying organza peacock tail were worn during her stage number. 

She left the evening in a long black coat, made of chiffon. Paired with a feathered collar and sleeves.  

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