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Catholic Church Wounded by Sin: Pope Francis from Panama


7Dnews London - AFP

Sun, 27 Jan 2019 16:03 GMT

“The Catholic Church was wounded by sin," Pope Francis acknowledged in a message on January 26th to priests and seminarians, following sexual abuse scandals and cover ups , AFP reported.

Pope Francis warned of the "weariness of hope to see a Church wounded by sin that often has not heard so many screams," at a mass he led at the ancient Cathedral of Santa Maria La Antigua in Panama City.

The remarks are the Argentine pope’s first reference to the sex abuse scandals rocking the Church since he arrived in Panama on January 23rd for a global gathering of young Catholics.

They came as the pope prepares to meet senior bishops from around the world in Rome next month to deal with widespread sexual abuse by priests of children and young people.

Next month's meeting would be a unique chance to provide bishops with "concrete measures" to tackle the "terrible plague," the pope’s spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said.

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