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Celebrating the Pink Month and Conquering Illness

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Marah Sharba

Thu, 10 Oct 2019 17:10 GMT

The campaign in October’s ‘Pink Month’ emphasises the need for women to be alert for the checking of breast cancer, and how to carry out such vital self-check-ups as diagnostic aids for early detection.

"Women are half of society, they have to take care of themselves, and sometimes women ignore this. Being sensitive, women have to take care of themselves because they are the source of existence. When a women loses part of her body because of cancer, she feels as if she loses some vital part of herself," Dr Sarah said, when explaining how important the Pink Month Campaign is. Its aim is to prevent women from having to face cancer, and that is why the month aims to diagnose breast cancer, and to heighten awareness concerning check-ups and self -care for women.
October’s Pink Month and increased awareness

This month women are invited to go to Syrian hospitals to check if they have breast cancer, and to be taught how the self- check is a necessary monthly task, as well as providing women with knowledge about their own body, and to know when it is time to go to the doctors to check.

During this month, there are free check-ups for women. In some hospitals, the check-up takes more than month to take place because of the needs of an increasing number of women coming to have the check.

"There is an increase in awareness amongst women with this campaign, women are starting to decide to check if they have any breast problem. We are happy that women are eager to take more care of herself and love herself more." Dr Sarah said, and when asked about women’s feeling over coming for an examination she said, "most women were worried before the examination, some found out that they were healthy and felt relieved, and others discovered some breast illness and started the cure and recovery. Women have to know that the breast is like any other organ that gets sick, and it is not always cancer.

"You are important, love yourself, watch your health because you are the base of everything." That was Dr Sarah's loving message for every woman that comes for care.
" The aim of this campaign is for the early diagnosis for breast cancer, to have the best cure with less medical complications as possible, mammography specialist, Dr Tohama said, and she continued," since last year with the start of the campaign, women are more aware of their health."

Talking about last year's campaign, she said, "last year, we had examined women from October until the end of September, and because of the big number of women coming, after that the idea of check- ups has become popular in society, and women started to tell other woman about the importance of this idea, and the campaign is positive to help women."

She proceeded to explain the targets of the campaign saying, “the campaign targets women at about their forties, and older that have no symptoms, unless the woman has relatives with a cancer diagnosis from their mother's side, or other clear problems, then she can be examined earlier. The mammography check-up is two types, screening for women without symptoms and diagnostic help for women with a problem." She added, " we teach women how to examine themselves every month at the right time, because it has to be specific at a certain time of month.”

Om Khaldoun, a woman coming in for a check said, " last year, I came to check and I discovered some illness, now I always come to keep on with my medicine and I am getting better, thanks to God."

Women Are Inspiring Other Women

Breast cancer survivors have taken an encouraging part in this campaign supporting other women. "I am 30 now. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I continued my study and my cure, and I was able to defeat cancer with my strong will," Soher Ibrahim said, who is a survivor. And Hasnaa, who is another survivor said, " I took the cure and with my will, I considered cancer as any illness, and I am healthy again." And the two women have both helped other women with cancer along the path to recovery.
Brochures about cancer symptoms and self-examination, have been given to women to gain more knowledge and awareness.

A lot of beautiful sentences have been written to encourage women during this campaign, such as, " because you are dear, check yourself." And, " because you are a wife, check yourself. You can defeat cancer, " and a lot of other supporting sentences, along with the colour pink, that you see when visiting hospitals and pink balloons and decorations, side by side with the campaign symbol, as hospitals are celebrating women’s health, and encouraging them and telling them that they are stronger and able to face any illness, because they truly matter.