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Tue, 28 Jan 2020 16:44 GMT

China Plans Major Cut in Number of Everest Climbers


7Dnews London

Mon, 21 Jan 2019 11:38 GMT

China will cut the number of climbers as part of plans for a major clean-up on the world's highest peak, state media reported on January 21st.

The total number of climbers seeking to climb the summit of the world's highest peak at 8,850 metres (29,035 feet) will be limited to less than 300, according to an AP report.

Parts of Everest are in China and Nepal. China has set up stations to sort, recycle and break down rubbish from the mountain, which includes cans, plastic bags, stove equipment, tents and oxygen tanks. 

On the Nepalese side, mountaineering expedition organisers have begun sending huge rubbish bags with climbers during the spring climbing season to collect rubbish that then can be winched by helicopters back to the base camp. 

The clean-up efforts will include the recovery of the bodies of climbers who died, often in the "death zone" above 8,000 metres (26,246 feet) where the air is too thin to sustain human life.