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Sun, 17 Nov 2019 13:03 GMT

China’s ‘Green Living’ Campaign to Cut Waste, Protect Environment


7Dnews London

Thu, 07 Nov 2019 12:44 GMT

China has launched a national campaign to urge people to cut waste, manage water and plant trees as part of a campaign to reverse the effects of decades of unorganised and unrestrained growth, Reuters reported on Thursday November 7th.

The campaign will rely on the traditional mobilisation methods of the Communist Party to change individual behaviour.

About 60% of households are expected to engage in the environmental activities by 2022. These include planting trees, preserving nature, rationalising the use of resources and cutting plastic waste.

As part of the campaign, the government is expected to kickstart the initiative through the purchase of new energy-efficient vehicles and to establish campaign offices and premises and schools will be instructed to create campuses and lectures inspired by the programme.

China has initiated campaigns against pollution and global warming, with a plan to modernise its industries to cut emissions and clean up the environment.

The government has also launched a series of initiatives against corporate polluters, it has built infrastructure and created incentives to treat waste, in addition to building around 100 new recycling plants that are due to be completed by the end of 2020, according to Reuters.

Shanghai, the first Chinese city to require that its residents sort their own rubbish, has launched a series of new schemes aimed at improving the environment.