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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Congo Declares Epidemic after Measles Kills 1,500


7Dnews London

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 16:24 GMT

Congo's government has declared measles an epidemic after latest data from the Health Ministry showed it had killed at least 1,500 people, over a 100 more than the number of people killed by Ebola, Reuters has reported.

While health officials focus on the deadly Ebola virus in the chaotic east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, about 65,000 cases of measles have been reported across the vast country in Central Africa.

The Ministry of Health revealed the measles figure when it announced the epidemic on Monday.

The ministry also said its vaccination campaign would target a further 1.4 million infants, and that 2.2 million had been vaccinated in April.

The first five months of 2019 saw 1,500 deaths from measles, the highest figure since 2012, which represented the deadliest outbreak of measles in the past decade, the charity Doctors without Borders (MSF) said on Tuesday.

The latest figures from the Health Ministry showed that Ebola has so far claimed 1,390 lives in Congo’s North Kivu province.