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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Congress Approves Two Weeks Spending Resolution to Avoid Government Shutdown


Meriam H. Helal - 7Dnews Washington DC

Fri, 07 Dec 2018 09:39 GMT

The House of Representatives in the US Congress by unanimous consent on December 5th passed a two-week resolution to preserve government funding and stave off a partial shutdown. A couple of hours later, the Senate approved the two-week government funding bill, just ahead of the December 7th deadline for sending the bill to the White House. The resolution postpones the funding deadline from December 7th to 21st, a week after Congress’s initial “get-out-of-town” date of December 14th.

The resolution extends funding at current levels for a slew of government agencies, including the Departments of Homeland Security, State, Interior, Justice, Transportation and Commerce, among others, until December 21st.

The legislation will push the fight over the US-Mexico border wall up against the Christmas holidays. President Trump is demanding that Congress include at least $5 billion in funding for the wall in legislation to fund the rest of the government through the next fiscal year. Democrats have only agreed to $1.6 billion in funding for border security.

Republicans predict that President Trump will veto a spending bill that includes only $1.6 billion for the border. Trump has refused to take a partial shutdown off the table and in a tweet this week argued that the proposed US-Mexico border wall, “pays for itself in two months.”

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