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Sat, 14 Dec 2019 05:03 GMT

Couple Cyrus and Hemsworth Call It Quits

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7Dnews London

Sun, 11 Aug 2019 21:27 GMT

One of the most celebrated couples in Hollywood, Miley Cyrus and her husband actor Liam Hemsworth, have agreed to separate after less than a year of marriage, AFP reported on Sunday August 11th.

After an ever-going deliberation and heart-felt talks, the couple have agreed on separation, as the best way to handle their differences, as well as deciding on primarily focusing on their own careers, while providing undivided care and attention for their animals. 

Rumours have been circulating over their relationship in the last few days of a probable separation after the 26-year-old singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram not wearing a wedding ring. Her management team did not immediately reply to AFP requests for confirmation.

The couple have been experiencing ups and downs in their relationship since they both first met in 2009 while filming the romantic drama "The Last Song”, two years later they were engaged, the engagement however was revoked a year later, only to be engaged again in 2016.

Married in 2018, in Nashville, a month after losing their California home in a wildfire, the couple have been having a turbulent marriage. However, all came out in the open when Cyrus expressed her dislike of being called "wife".

The daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus and of actress/producer Tish Cyrus, Miley has had a huge profile in the entertainment world. She played in the Disney series "Hannah Montana," repeatedly hosted "Saturday Night Live" and served as a coach on the television singing competition "The Voice".

Hemsworth is, however, the younger brother to Chris who plays “Thor” in Avengers, and who also starred in movies including "Isn't It Romantic" and the "Hunger Games" series, according to AFP.

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