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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Deliver Messages with Accuracy and Clarity, Sudanese Prime Minister Tells Media


Elzahraa Ibrahim - 7Dnews Khartoum

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 00:13 GMT

Sudanese Prime Minister, Mr. Muataz Mousa, stated during a meeting with representatives of the national TV and Radio in the presence of the Minster of Communication that, in future, media outlets must cover the progress of events in a manner consistent with current times.

During the meeting Mr. Mousa focused on National TV and Radio, stressing the need for all media outlets to deliver messages in a clear and accurate way, to avoid rumours and to reflect a positive image of the country.

Mr. Mousa is the first Sudanese Prime Minister to use Twitter to connect with people, politely and offering an optimistic viewpoint, which has met with a variety of responses. Some social media activists launched a sarcastic hash-tag earlier this year mocking his tweets and expressing disappointment in the situation in Sudan. A member of the opposition has invited Mr. Mousa to a public debate on the social-media platform, an invitation that the Prime Minister politely declined.