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Denmark Implements Online Test for Divorce

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Sat, 30 Mar 2019 01:23 GMT

A few clicks on a computer, a personal identification number of both spouses and 420 Danish kroner, or about 55 euros. That's all it took, since 2013, to obtain an expeditious divorce in Denmark, a country of 5.3 million inhabitants, where 46.57% of marriages end in separation.

A regulation that will change from April 1, for parents of minor children. No matter how eager they are, they will now have to wait three months and undergo a mandatory test on the Internet before getting their union dissolved.

The quiz is about half an hour long: Questions about the feelings of parents and children, the consequences of divorce for the family, the state of relations between the spouses ... And six dilemmas that future divorced will inevitably face.

"Collaborate" after the divorce

An example: Your companion has promised to pick up the kids at four o'clock sharp. It is 4:20 pm How do you formulate the SMS that you send to him? First alternative: "Hi. We are waiting for you.

No answer is bad, because in fact of test, it is rather a questionnaire to track and answers and ensure the well-being of the children and to arrange the relations between future former partners.