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Dubai Airshow 2019 Highlights UAE’s Economic Power


Mohamed Zerari

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 10:56 GMT

Dubai Airshow 2019 is set to establish itself as one of the largest specialised exhibitions in the world, reflecting the achievements of the UAE in various sectors, most notably the aviation sector, which continues to pride itself as one the most successful sectors in the business sector.

For those unfamiliar with the significance of the Dubai Airshow, its legacy began in 1986 at the Dubai World Trade Centre before being relocated to Dubai International Airport in 1989 and has since grown to become one of the largest exhibitions in the world, attracting investors, aviation experts and engineers from around the globe. 

The UAE has become a landmark in the development of this sector in the world and has become a unique example of rapid growth in the aviation sector, where today Dubai International Airport Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 models are on show.

The remarkable reputation of the exhibition has yielded very important results, including the increase in the number of exhibiting companies and institutions in the 2019 session, where only just over 100 participants attended the first show from all over the world. Dubai Airshow has so far attracted 1,300 exhibitors and up to 87,000 aviation professionals over five days this year.

The exhibition once again shows UAE’s position in becoming a key driver for the development of the aviation sector globally in the global leadership march, with the Dubai Airshow focusing more on sector-specific conferences and pavilions that reflect growing industry areas and bringing together experts and key stakeholders, organisers said in a statement.

A forecast from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects the Middle East to see an additional 290 million air passengers on routes to and from the region by 2037.

Major Deal Will Be Signed Between Emirates Airlines and Boeing 

Emirates Airlines and Boeing are set to conclude a settlement agreement on Wednesday, November 20th that will witness the Dubai-based carrier requesting about 30 airplanes of 787 Dreamliners, paving the way for a deferred order for the 777X.

Emirates said it had temporarily ordered 40 Dreamliners in 2017, but "tough" talks at the last minute to finalise the order this week depended on negotiations on the fate of a separate large order for 150 777Xs after the latter was subjected to delays. 

But a restructuring of the order for the 777X may not be officially highlighted at the Dubai Airshow, but Emirates plan to make an announcement at 0700 GMT today.

Dubai Airshow Aimed at Revolutionising Aerospace Industry 

Includes intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, cargo linking, Airport Solutions Dubai and Global Traffic Management, according to Arabian Business.

Each of these events will include a dedicated conference and pavilion on the show floor, which will last for one or two days and will be held throughout the Dubai Airshow.

Ramsey Shaaban, Chairman of Janet Aviation, said that the Dubai Airshow is an exceptional global event that reflects the UAE's growth and development in various sectors and achievements in various fields in the business and tech sectors.

He explained that this huge event, which witnesses the participation of 160 countries, provides an integrated vision of the future of the aviation industry and informs us on the growth and development of this sector at various levels.

Expo 2020 Dubai Boosts Optimism for The Region's Economic Future

Events and exhibitions like the Dubai Airshow 2019 will pave the way for an important event coming soon to the UAE and primarily to Dubai, Expo 2020, where business meets innovation, and likeminded creatives share their knowledge and expertise in various fields of business and tech. 

The Department of International Business at Expo 2020 Dubai will focus on networking with chambers of commerce, industry and investment platforms, business leaders, traders, manufacturers, tourism promotion companies, transport and other economic sectors, and the construction of platforms during the event to enhance communication between companies and investors, and companies looking for Partners between the UAE and the Gulf countries and the world, and will be based on the latest technological innovations at the site «Expo 2020 Dubai».

Khaled Mohamed Sharaf, Director of International Business at Expo 2020 Dubai, said, “Expo, the world's most spectacular event, will be a new stage of development and growth and will enhance the optimistic view of the region's economic future through cooperation. With participants, partners, businessmen and investment delegations.”

Sharaf added, “Today, we are discussing with the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry the best ways to cooperate and seize opportunities from the first Expo hosted by the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, which include more than 800 thousand Gulf and international companies.”

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