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Thu, 05 Dec 2019 21:53 GMT

Dubai Airshow Beats Farnborough and Paris in Signed Deals


Mohamed Zerari

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 16:28 GMT

The Dubai Airshow 2019 has attracted unprecedented attention from global media, confirming it as one of the most important and influential events in the aviation industry, with this year’s show overtaking Farnborough and Paris in volume of trades and deals signed.

The event is not only an exhibition for the purchase of aircraft and aviation equipment, it is also an opportunity for Dubai, and the UAE in general, to promote a vital sector that is of increasing importance in efforts to diversify its economy, namely the aerospace manufacturing sector, with its civil and military branches, including its associated supply-chains. 

"The exhibition is an opportunity for the UAE to discover new technologies, equipment and networks in the presence of industry leaders from around the world," said Maj Gen Tayyar Abdullah Al Hashimi, Executive Director of the organising committee. "It is also an opportunity for the UAE to show what it is capable of," he said.  

Civil aircraft are always the most prominent in the events of Dubai Airshow, and the largest make headlines at each session of the exhibition which is held every two years. 

Charles Forrester, a UK industry analyst said: "The UAE will be well placed during the events, both as an investor and manufacturer, in the global aerospace sector." 

A BBC report pointed to the activities of the 2013 edition of the exhibition, which included the signing of orders for new aircraft worth a total of $206 billion, in which the lion's share was for the two big players and arch-rivals, Boeing and Airbus. In 2017, the total value of new orders for the show’s last session was estimated at about $114 billion. 

International aviation fairs in general witness a number of last-minute deals being concluded after long haggling and controversy between the airline's chief executives and their counterparts in the aircraft manufacturers, but this year's edition is expected to see a particularly large number of such deals. For several reasons, including the situation of the global economy, which has affected a lot of different major companies, including airlines. 

The Business Insider website of the Financial Times also published a special report on the exhibition, describing the event as one of the largest in the civil and military aviation world. 

The report predicted that the number of visitors this year will be about 90,000, while 165 aircraft will be on display during the event. 

Some of the most anticipated aircraft are Airbus A330 and Airbus A320 Neo, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Boeing 777-300ER.  

As for the most important military aircraft expected to appear for the first time in the show, the F-35 produced by the US company Lockheed Martin is the most prestigious and will have a special presence. 

Boeing will also showcase its CH-47F Chinook helicopter, which is used by the US military; Airbus will also showcase some of its distinctive defence products, such as the C-295, which is powered by two turboprop engines. 

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