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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Egyptians Grieve Elephant Naima

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Tue, 08 Oct 2019 17:01 GMT

The famous zoo in Egypt no longer has any elephants, after the sudden death of Naima, its only remaining pachyderm, AFP reported on Tuesday October 8th.

The African elephant Naima spent around 36 of her 40 years in captivity before suddenly falling ill, just a day after interacting with visitors to the zoo.

A forensics report showed she had suffered a fatal blood clot to the heart.

"Top veterinarians... gave her the required medications... but she did not respond," Mohammed Rajai, who heads the government's central authority for zoos, told AFP.

Rajai said on television that elephants in captivity generally have shorter lives than those living in the wild.

"Elephants especially are social animals who usually live in community," he said.

Giza Zoo is looking to buy another elephant after Naima’s death, according to Rajai.

“We are discussing the matter with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture after losing Naima, the cost will be about three million Egyptian pounds ($184,000),” he said.

The death of Naima sparked a wave of sorrow on social media as her fans were quick to react.

"I loved her a lot," one user said in a Facebook post, while another wrote: "God took you away, Naima darling.”

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