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Emergency Arab Summit Denounces Iran’s Actions in its Final Statement


7Dnews London

Fri, 31 May 2019 10:38 GMT

A statement from the emergency Arab summit in Mecca has demanded that Iran stops funding terrorism, as this poses a serious and direct threat to the regions’ security and stability, according to the summit’s communiqué on Thursday May 30th.  

In the summit, hosted by King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, on Thursday May 30th in Mecca, the Arab League’s heads of nations reiterated that any cooperation with Tehran should be based on "non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs,” urging that Iran respect their sovereignty. 

The statement highlighted that the Arab countries seek to restore stability and security in the region, and that the only means to achieve this is to respect the principles of good neighbourliness, and to refrain from using force. 

According to the communiqué, Iran has not respected those principles, and thus it “directly and seriously” destabilizes the region. 

The Arab leaders, in the final statement, have also condemned the launching of Iranian-made ballistic missiles from Yemen toward Saudi Arabia, accusing Tehran of supporting the Al-Houthi's militias who oppose the legitimate government of the Yemen. In this regard, the Arab leaders announced that Saudi Arabia has the right to defend its lands according to the UN Charter, voicing their support for the measures it takes against such aggression.

The participating leaders also condemned Iran's occupation of the three United Arab Emirates islands, and supported all peaceful measures and means to be taken by the UAE to restore its sovereignty over its occupied islands. In a related context, they denounced the recent acts of sabotage taken against tankers in the territorial waters of the UAE, and which Iran was believed to stand behind.

The final statement also criticized Iran’s continuous interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and its support of terrorist groups there, by smuggling weapons and explosives, and inciting sectarian conflicts.

Similarly, it denounced Iranian intervention in the Syrian crisis, and its serious consequences for Syria's future, sovereignty, stability and national unity.

The communiqué also stressed the importance of abiding by the decisions of the 29th Arab summit in Dhahran City, Saudi Arabia, as well as the decisions of the 30th Arab summit in Tunisia.

The emergency summit, which was hosted by Saudi Arabia, has called on Arab and Gulf countries to intensify their diplomatic efforts, with regional and international organizations, to highlight Iran's actions that endanger peace and security in the region, and calling upon the international community to take a firm stance.

At the end of the meeting, the Arab leaders expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation to King Salman and the people of Saudi Arabia for their warm welcome and hospitality.

After reading the final statement, Arab League secretary-general, Ahmad Aboul Gheit, said that the delegation from Iraq to the Arab summit did not participate in the wording of the communiqué.

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