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Tue, 12 Nov 2019 11:21 GMT

English Players Suffer Racist Abuse Again as Roma Issue Apology


Mahmoud Al Assal

Mon, 21 Oct 2019 08:10 GMT

A few days after England national football team players suffered racist abuse during the game against Bulgaria, Roma fans racially abused Sampdoria's English midfielder Ronaldo Vieira in Italy on October 20th.

AFP reported that Italy Serie A giants Roma issued an apology for their supporters racially abusing Sampdoria's Vieira during their goalless draw. "AS Roma would like to apologise to Ronaldo Vieira for the racist boos he was subjected to," Roma said on Twitter.The Italian side revealed that they do not tolerate racism of any kind, confirming the club will support the authorities in identifying and subsequently banning any individuals found guilty of racially abusing the midfielder.

The 21-year-old midfielder Vieira was targeted by monkey chants by the end of the first half of Sunday's goalless draw. An announcement to stop the insults was made over the stadium loudspeaker but the match was not halted.

The England national team player Vieira, who is of Guinea Bissau descent, joined Sampdoria in 2018 from Leeds United.

"This happens too often, it shouldn't be this way," Vieira told Italian television network Rai Sport.

On their side, Sampdoria later thanked Roma via social media for their message, saying, "Thank you. Always together for a better football #stopracism."

Early last week, the Bulgaria vs. England match in the Euro 2020 qualifiers was halted twice because of racist abuse by Bulgaria's fans against their visitors that forced the boss of Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) to resign from his post.

Meanwhile, UEFA announced that a disciplinary commission will hear charges of monkey chants and Nazi salutes against Bulgarian fans on October 28th, according to AFP.