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Thu, 12 Dec 2019 09:32 GMT

Ethiopia’s Intelligence Agency Meddled in Public Enterprises: PM Advisor


Muluneh Gebre - 7Dnews Addis Ababa

Sat, 06 Apr 2019 14:22 GMT

Ethiopia’s security agencies had gathered security information that it was not mandated to seek, according to the office of the country’ s prime minister. However, they stressed that this happened under the previous administration.

According to the Ethiopian prime minister’s office, the Information Network Security Agency, (INSA), was established with a mandate for safeguarding the country’s information, including defending the country from cyber-attacks. But it had been gathering all kinds of security information, detaining people and hiding suspects, said Temesgen Tiruneh, advisor to the prime minister on national security affairs in a briefing on Friday April 5th.

According to the advisor, the intelligence agency had been engaged in abuse of power and meddling on the internal and security affairs of regional governments and different institutions.

“Against the mandate bestowed to it, INSA had been maneuvering various government offices, agencies, institutions and public enterprises with larger involvement in military establishments,” Temesgen continued

The advisor highlighted the efforts made over the past year to reform the various intelligence agencies, including INSA.

Accordingly, the leaderships within the defense force, and the federal police security, which was held by individuals from one ethnic group, has been balanced in way that represented the nations and nationalities of the country, and with the aim to bring in individuals who could shoulder the reforms to leadership positions.

The institutional reforms have focused on leadership, mindset, work process and operational changes as well as ensuring enhanced alignment across the security apparatus at federal and regional levels.

He said a lot of work has been done to build up the image of security institutions, and those who were responsible for the crimes committed prior to the reforms, have also been prosecuted, the advisor indicated.

He further stated that structural amendments were made in the institutions by experience from Israel, the US and Russia, which also include the establishment of cyber, space and naval forces.