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Europol Busts $100 Million Cybercrime Gang


7Dnews London

Thu, 16 May 2019 16:10 GMT

US and European police said on Thursday May 16th they have smashed a huge international cybercrime network that used Russian malware to steal $100 million from tens of thousands of victims worldwide.

As a result, several prosecutions have been made in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the United States over this scam, while five Russians charged in the US remain on the run, according to the EU police agency Europol.

The "organised crime network behind $100 million in malware attacks" targeted "more than 41,000 victims, primarily businesses and their financial institutions," Europol said.

In addition, the network used GozNym malware across six countries, also including Germany and Bulgaria, AFP reports.

Scott Brady, the US Attorney General for the western district of Pennsylvania, where the US indictment was unsealed, commented that the operation was an unprecedented international work.

"Unsuspecting European and American victims thought they were clicking on a simple invoice, but were instead giving hackers access to their most sensitive information," Brady added.

Meanwhile, the five fugitive Russians included the brains and developer of the malware who "oversaw its creation, development, management, and leasing to other cyber criminals", Europol said.

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