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Facebook Imposes Stricter Political Ad Controls before US Presidential Election


7Dnews London

Wed, 28 Aug 2019 16:29 GMT

Facebook said on Wednesday August 28th that it is imposing more regulations on paid political ads as the 2020 US presidential election draws closer, AFP reported.

The new controls will demand more information from the buyer of political ads on the extremely popular social networking website.

2016 election voters were tricked by some shady Facebook campaigns into believing false information or half-truths relating to some candidates.

Facebook already asks for the information of ad buyers but now it will demand proof they are registered with the US government by submitting a tax identification number or registration with the Federal Election Commission.

"People should know who is trying to influence their vote and advertisers shouldn't be able to cover up who is paying for ads," a Facebook blog post said.

The new steps call for "strengthening the authorisation process for US advertisers, showing people more information about each advertiser and updating our list of social issues."

Ads by unverified entities will be “paused” in October, Facebook said.

Smaller businesses or local politicians can also buy ads using a verifiable phone number, a mailing address or personal information, however, their ads will not show under "confirmed organization.”

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