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Facebook Reveals its Review Team amid Critics and Losses


7Dnews London

Sat, 28 Jul 2018 15:47 GMT

Facebook has revealed how its team is working to review posts in an attempt to demonstrate its efforts in tackling hate speech and privacy issues. Facebook’s reassuring post comes following a dramatic collapse in the tech firm’s market value, which recently dropped by more than $100 billion.

The social media platform said 7,500 reviewers are now re-examining content while critics claim that Facebook is not doing enough to handle the chaos. In contrast, Facebook claims it has redoubled its efforts from 4,500 reviewers last year. However, the reviewers who insure the content’s integrity and security are not all full-time employees, as many are contractors or work in partner companies.

Facebook said language proficiency is key and it reviews content around the clock. The company added that if someone reports a Tagalog-language post in the middle of the night in the Philippines, for instance, there will always be a Tagalog-speaking reviewer. Besides, a significant number of reports, such as pictures, don’t actually need language support and are assigned to reviewers around the world regardless of language.

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