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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Fierce Clashes in Druze-Majority Sweida Province, Syria


Aya Hussein

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 00:00 GMT

Fierce clashes have occurred in the Rif Dimashq area near Syria’s eastern Sweida province, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) reported on November 15th. Ongoing battles close to the Druze-majority province pitted ISIS terror militants against regime forces backed by foreign proxy militias, such as Iran-backed Hezbollah and local factions.

The battles, according to the report, are most concentrated in the Tlul Al-Safa area, where some of ISIS’ last strongholds remain. Regime forces and their allies have made further advances, the SOHR report said.

It explained that the offensives come as a part of a wider military campaign conducted by regime forces and their allies to expel ISIS from the area. On the other hand, ISIS is desperately trying to repel attacks to maintain control over vital enclaves.

At least 236 regime forces and loyalists were killed in bombings, shelling and clashes between July and November this year, the SOHR report said. This number includes members of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah militia and high-ranking regime officials. During the same period at least 411 ISIS jihadists were killed, although the clashes left hundreds injured on both sides.

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