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Four Dead Including Suspect in Maryland Shooting


7Dnews London - Reuters

Thu, 20 Sep 2018 19:52 GMT

Four people were killed and three wounded Thursday when a woman was shot in a warehouse in Maryland, about 100 km north of Washington, police said, reports Reuters.

Jeff Gahler, a police officer in the Harvard area, told a news conference that the suspect, an employee who worked temporarily in the distribution and did not reveal her identity, was killed after being shot in the head. 

Gahler had earlier announced "we can confirm several injuries and deaths" in shooting at the warehouse. 

"Based on what we know, there is one suspect, who is in custody and in critical condition in the hospital." According to the media, three people died. 

Initially, the police did not want to confirm that a woman was the one who fired, as reported by the media. 

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