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Wed, 13 Nov 2019 00:14 GMT

Fourth and Final Crewman Pulled Alive from Capsized Cargo Ship


7Dnews London - AP

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 02:06 GMT

Coast Guard rescuers pulled four trapped men alive from a capsized cargo ship on Monday, September 9th, drilling into the hull's steel plates to extract the crew members more than a day after their vessel had overturned while leaving a Georgia port, AP reported.

All four were described as alert and in relatively good condition, and they were taken to a hospital for further evaluation.

"Best day of my 16-year career," Lt. Lloyd Heflin, who was coordinating the effort, wrote in a text message to The Associated Press.

A video posted online by the Coast Guard showed responders clapping and cheering as the final man, wearing only shorts, climbed out of a hole in the hull and stood up.

Three of the South Korean crew members came out in the mid afternoon. The fourth man, who was trapped in a separate compartment, emerged three hours later.

The rescues followed nearly 36 hours of work after the Golden Ray, a giant ship that carries automobiles, rolled onto its side early Sunday as it was leaving Brunswick, bound for Baltimore.

"All crew members are accounted for," Coast Guard Southeast wrote on Twitter. "Operations will now shift fully to environmental protection, removing the vessel, and resuming commerce."

In the hours immediately after the accident, the Coast Guard lifted 20 crew members into helicopters before determining that smoke, flames, and unstable cargo made it too risky to venture further inside the vessel.

Officials were also concerned about the stability of the ship, which was carrying 4,000 vehicles, some of which may have broken loose.

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