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Tuesday 20th March 2018

French Farmers Damage Offices of LREM Lawmakers in Protests


7Dnews London

Thu, 08 Aug 2019 17:40 GMT

French farmers have damaged offices belonging to lawmakers of French president’s LREM party in Poitiers, Loudun and Chatellerault, condemning EU trade deals with Canada and Mercosur, the party said on Thursday August 8th.

The protests of the farmers blocked the way to the offices with brick walls, a local farmers’ association said, adding that the walls were sprayed with slogans against the CETA treaty between the EU and Canada.

French Parliament in July approved the CETA agreement with a relatively small majority of 266 to 213 votes. Those opposing the agreement think CETA undermined the EU's social and ecological regulations by importing products made under conditions that would not be allowed in Europe.

"I am appalled by the wall and the graffiti that was put up last night in front of my office by the farmers," Tweeted Sacha Houlie, who represents the LREM party in Poitiers.

Farmers earlier in August vandalised offices of a legislator from the LREM party overnight in southern France, protesting against the approval of CETA, according to Reuters.

Monique Iborra, an LREM member of parliament for Haute-Garonne in southwestern France, Tweeted about the damage to her office on Friday, August 2nd, “two tonnes of manure outside a building where there are also doctors, dentists and other professions which receive members of the public - it's irresponsible as well as futile.”