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German Transport Minister: Uber and Others Will be Welcome by 2021


7Dnews London

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 15:26 GMT

German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said carpooling services offered by Uber and other companies will be welcome in Germany by 2021, according to Reuters citing Focus magazine on November 17th.

In an interview with Focus, Scheuer said the services offered by online taxis and carpooling could help provide critical services in remote areas, revealing that he is moving towards changing existing regulations to allow their operation in Germany.  

“We can create new possibilities, especially in rural areas and for older people, with car services and pooling systems,” said Scheuer, ”that is a giant opportunity.”

Current law in Germany bans drivers from dealing directly with individuals, reserving that right solely for taxi drivers licensed by local authorities.

“I’m against bans and limits. I’m for incentives,” Scheuer told the magazine, adding, “we can’t just exclude a service provider.”

However, he admitted that taxi services would clearly be affected and their interests also had to be taken into consideration.