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Germany Celebrates Toppling Berlin Wall But Rifts Continue to Exist


7Dnews London

Sat, 09 Nov 2019 14:55 GMT

Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall was toppled, but reunification of Germany has not necessarily achieved much of the desired justice between the west and the east, even after three decades.

According to the Washington Post, equality was not implemented as was desired.

The Federal Government has invested over $2 trillion into eastern social welfare and infrastructure, as of 2010, the median full-time western employees earned nearly 30% more per hour than their eastern peers.

The poverty levels are a stark example of the lack of equality between east and west Germany.

Higher poverty levels are seen in the east than exist with country’s national average. Today, average eastern incomes still lag behind that of westerners.

Still, some citizens of the east feel that their grave concerns will not get any positive response.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has stirred anger in the eastern side, when she implemented many unpopular policies such as threatening the 20,000 eastern jobs by moving the country away from coal energy.

On Saturday November 9th, top politicians in Germany tried to appease easterners in the 30th anniversary of the toppling of Berlin Wall, with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, thanking their Eastern European neighbours for enabling a peaceful revolution.

"Together with our friends, we remember with deep gratitude the events 30 years ago," Steinmeier said during a ceremony at the Bernauer Strasse Berlin Wall Memorial, which was also attended by Chancellor Angela Merkel, and heads of state from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

"Without the courage and the will to freedom of the Poles and Hungarians, the Czechs and Slovaks, the peaceful revolutions in Eastern Europe and Germany's reunification would not have been possible," Steinmeier said.

His message was echoed by Merkel in a brief speech during a commemorative service at the memorial's chapel.

"The values on which Europe is founded, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, respect for human rights, are anything but self-evident. And they have to be filled with life and must be defended again and again," she said.