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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Germany Raises Alarm Over Halle Synagogue Attack

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7Dnews London

Thu, 10 Oct 2019 00:01 GMT

A suspect was captured following a rampage at the Halle synagogue that left a woman dead outside a Jewish cemetery and a man murdered in a kebab shop on the holiest day in Judaism, AFP reported on Wednesday, October 9th.

The assailant then live-streamed an anti-Semitic rant while launching a forceful attack against women and Jews.

In the wake of the horrific aggression on the Jewish community, security was put on alert in synagogues and other Jewish sites across Germany.

The gruesome attack was done similarly to that of the Christchurch assault earlier this year; however, the assailant was speaking in heavily German-accented English, claiming that the Holocaust never existed in a 35-minute-long video.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sharply condemned the attack while attending a vigil at Berlin's main synagogue and calling for “solidarity for all Jews on the holy day of Yom Kippur."

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his worries, saying that the "terrorist attack on the community in Halle in Germany on Yom Kippur is a new expression of anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe."

"I urge German authorities to continue to act resolutely against the phenomenon of anti-Semitism," Netanyahu tweeted.

Later on, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer indicated that “there are sufficient indications for a possible right-wing extremist motive."

Jewish community leader Max Privorotzki, who watched the incident unfold which being inside the synagogue, said, "We saw through the camera of our synagogue that a heavily armed perpetrator wearing a steel helmet and rifle was trying to shoot open our door."

"The man looked like he was from the special forces. But our doors held firm. We barricaded our doors from inside and waited for the police," he added.

Around 80 people were inside the synagogue as the assault was taking place, on one of the most sacred days in the Jewish calendar, according to Privorotzki .

Reports from the US embassy cited that ten Americans were present inside the synagogue during the traitorous attack.

In addition to the two dead – a man and a woman – another two people also suffered serious bullet wounds in the attack and were being operated on, a spokesman for the city's hospital said.

According to DW, this was the second attack in less than two months, after two men attacked a man wearing Jewish clothing while he was walking in Berlin.

 The overall number of aggressive anti-Semitic attacks in Germany has increased between 2017 and 2018, DW reported.