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Germany Unleashes Ambitious Plan to Promote E-Car Usage Amidst Workers Fears


7Dnews London

Sun, 03 Nov 2019 18:52 GMT

Germany has unleashed an ambitious for the rapid expansion of reliable, easy-to-use charging stations across Germany to encourage greater usage of electric cars, AFP reported on Sunday Nov 3rd.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government is to roll out a vast network of electric car charging points. The plan aims to encourage drivers to make the switch and help the country meet its climate targets.

Germany currently has 21,000 public car charging points and aims to create one million charging points by 2030, according to Merkel

In her weekly podcast, Merkel said the rapid expansion of reliable, easy-to-use charging stations across Germany was necessary to give drivers "the confidence to buy an e-car".

The government’s efforts to reach one million charging points will be the cornerstone in trying to push drivers towards e-cars and alleviate fears that cars could run out of juice in between charging points.

Merkel’s comments came on the eve of a major meeting between car industry bosses and government ministries in Berlin.

This plan is a part of a widespread package of measures to reduce Germany's greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% from 1990 levels by 2030.

The government's "climate package" also wants to see 7 to 10 million zero-emission electric cars on the roads by 2030, up from around 220,000 last August.

This plan has stirred fears about the fate of more than 800,000 employees in the car industry sector who could be affected by converting from the biodiesel cars to e-cars.

But Merkel, once dubbed the "car chancellor" for her cosy ties with auto bosses, has stressed that employees will not be left behind.