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Green Beret Murder: SEAL to Accept Plea Deal


7Dnews London

Thu, 16 May 2019 10:06 GMT

A US Navy SEAL, who is one of four people charged with the 2017 murder of a Green Beret in Africa, is set to accept a plea deal.

According to attorneys, the Navy SEAL is set to accept the conditions of a plea agreement on Thursday, May 16th, regarding his role in the death of Army Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar.

Navy SEAL, Adam Matthews, is one for four US service members currently charged with Melgar’s murder while on deployment in Africa. The five men were stationed in Mali.

As per the charging documents lodged in the case, several elite military personnel broke into Melgar’s bedroom while he was sleeping. Melgar was then bound with tape and placed into a choke hold. Two of the military personnel accused of entering the bedroom are from the famed SEAL Team Six.

A special court martial hearing has been set for Thursday for Matthews. The hearing, which will take place at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, could offer new details about what happened that night. Publicly released charging documents have not revealed a specific motive.

Matthews' attorney, Grover Baxley, said Matthews will plead guilty to hazing, assault and conspiracy to obstruct justice. In return, the charges of murder and involuntary manslaughter will be dropped.

Baxley said Melgar's death "was an unforeseen accident that has dramatically impacted the lives of everyone involved." He added that Matthews will take full responsibility for his role in the incident. He will also assist the Navy with resolving the case.

"He looks forward to detailing what happened that night in Mali almost two years ago, and hopes that his explanation of events will assist the Melgar family in finding some semblance of closure," said Baxley.

According to AP, Melgar was a native of Lubbock, Texas. He had deployed to Afghanistan twice before his death in Bamako, Mali.

The two marines charged in the case are listed as being part of Special Operations Command.

SEAL Team 6 rose to public prominence after its role in the 2011 Bin Laden raid emerged. The team is credited with killing bin Laden at his compound.

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