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Sat, 14 Dec 2019 04:40 GMT

‘Guido Camia’ Brings Neanderthals Back to Life

Science & Technology

7Dnews London

Sun, 11 Aug 2019 20:05 GMT

With a passion for the Palaeolithic, Guido Camia has developed the ability to teach participants how to light fires using just a Flintstone, survive on a diet of insects and build a forest shelter, AFP reported on Sunday August 11th.

The remarkable 37-year-old former patisserie chef has decided to follow his heart and now makes a decent living by offering "Neanderthal" survival courses in the Italian Alps.  

Enacting "The Flintstones" Camia can be seen climbing rocks and fishing from streams barefoot, dressed in animal skins, carrying a spear, even more appealing, his outdoor survival courses come with an official stamp of approval, as they have been supervised by Italy's International Survival Federation (FISSS).

Camia indicated that he also gives courses in more traditional attire, but his passion has given him the idea of an off-shoot programme, Neanderthal sidekick. He shows admiration and describes Neanderthal as being very intelligent, having to discover fire and adapt to different weather, to build caves and small shelters.

For a starting price of €80-100 ($90-112) per person per night, the basic course includes accommodation in a bivouac shelter, Camia also stated that he would give two- or three-hours’ sessions to families and school groups

Adding that he will show customers how Neanderthals lived and what they ate, he will also provide customers on beginner’s level with enough to get by with. He later went on to stress that people should understand that without food, they would find it extremely difficult after three days to make even a simple calculation.

Camia insists he is no "collapsology theorist" who believes in the pending collapse of industrial civilisation. He emphasised that we have to know how to adapt to the changing climate, to other types of food and to be able to change our ways of life, according to AFP.