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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Hanoi Barber Celebrates Trump-Kim Summit Offering Free Copy-Cat Hairstyles


7Dnews London

Wed, 20 Feb 2019 22:34 GMT

In anticipation of the potential summit between the two leaders in Vietnam, a barbershop tucked away in a Hanoi alley has offered its customers the haircuts of US Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, AP reported Wednesday February 20th.

Le Phuc Hai was patiently waiting for the dye to turn his black hair the orange shade of President Donald Trump's locks.

On a chair next to him, 9-year-old To Gia Huy emerges as the spitting image of a miniature Kim Jong Un.

"Many people say that I look like Kim Jong Un, especially when I have this hairstyle," said Huy, who is nicknamed "Un" for his likeness to the North Korean leader.

He was excited that Kim is coming to the Vietnamese capital next week for his second summit with the American president, meanwhile, he hopes for a chance to see Kim in person.

As Hanoi gets prepared for the summit, hairdresser Le Tuan Duong has joined in, offering free Trump or Kim hairstyles to about a dozen customers.

"Hanoi is a city of peace. When Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un decide to come here to talk about restoring peace, I think I should do something to show that Hanoi people welcome the summit," Duong said.

Kim's hairstyle shows youth, according to Duong, while Trump's displays power. "But Kim's style is a lot more popular among customers," he said.

Hai, a motorcycle taxi driver, went for Trump's orange hair. "I really like Donald Trump, so I want to have (his) hairstyle," he said.